University Residential Communities

University Residential Communities


Cambridge, MA

firm role:

Architecture and Interior Design


8 Stories

818,655 SF


This mixed-use residential complex transformed a former industrial site into a thriving urban community in Cambridge’s emerging East Kendall Square area. Occupying a full superblock of 841,000 square feet, the two buildings define the perimeter of the site creating a one-acre, landscaped quadrangle that invokes traditional collegiate urban design principles. The highly articulated pre-fabricated street wall façade incorporates a range of materials and profiles that reference Boston’s traditional low-rise row-house architecture. The use of vertical setbacks, bay windows, glass building corners, and articulated single-family townhouse units visually reduce the building scale to create a vibrant pedestrian experience and a welcoming retail streetscape. The complex’s high-spirited interior design is seen in its light-infused rental residences and in the diverse amenity spaces that include an indoor pool, library, fitness center, and lounges. 

photo credits:

Photography © Alan Schindler