SushiSamba London/D&W

SushiSamba London/D&W


London, England

firm role:

Architecture and Interior Design


3 Stories

21,345 SF


2015 Architecture Podium, International Architecture Award

2014 International Property Awards


This floating "culinary village" is set in a three-story crystalline volume at the top of Heron Tower, the tallest building in the City of London. The space is home to both SUSHISAMBA London, the renowned Brazilian/Peruvian/Japanese restaurant, and Duck & Waffle, a unique 24/7 restaurant that is inspired by British artistic and culinary traditions. A sweeping sculptural orange glass and metal staircase connects all three levels, decorated by a wall of street art. 

The design concept and elements enhance the unique location and views where the experience of indoor and outdoor is fused. On the 38th floor, the West Terrace features a 20-foot-high orange tree sculpture that is wrapped by a curvilinear bar, while an indoor lounge and dining seating give the experience of garden dining high above ground. 

The SUSHISAMBA 24-foot-high dining room is surrounded by three floor-to-ceiling glass walls, illuminated by 297 lights suspended from an arched lattice bamboo ceiling. The 39th floor lounge connects to the activity in the dining room through a glass wall with arching custom glass-bead hanging elements. 

Duck & Waffle, on the 40th floor, is crafted in antiqued crackle wall tiles, darkened bronze and textured glass walls, weathered wood and block-ended wood floors, juxtaposed against a dynamic geometric ceiling of undulating yellow panels that pay homage to the great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. 

photo credits:

Photography © Kalory