Choice Marina

Choice Marina


Cochin, India

firm role:

Architecture and Interior Design


12 Stories

76,730 SF


2010 AIA Made in New York Exhibit


The architecture of South India's most luxurious waterfront resort reflects its sensitive waterfront location and has been designed for maximum energy efficiency and sustainability. In response to the unique tropical climate, the elegantly sculpted structure is oriented to reduce solar heat gain and to minimize the impact of monsoons without compromising views. Unique features include an array of fixed and operable exterior screening and sun-shading devices to enhance the performance of the curtain wall and further improve energy efficiency. 

Each floor of the 12-story tower holds consists of units, sharing only a central core. This innovative floor plan makes each home feel like a freestanding villa, each with a private elevator and 300-degree views, but with all the amenities of high-rise living. 

Residences at Choice Marina have been designed with the refinement and hand-crafted detailing found only in a custom-designed home, including many unique aspects that combine Indian and Western sensibilities. Luxurious elements rarely seen in Indian developments include grand master bedroom suites and windowed master bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs and dressing rooms. The apartments are finished with unique wood and stone detailing that takes its inspiration from Indian art interpreted in a modern vernacular. 

photo credits:

Photography © John Cetra/CetraRuddy