20 Stories

20 Stories


Manchester, UK

firm role:

Interior Design


14,692 SF


Situated on the top floor of the tallest building in Manchester, 20 Stories is a restaurant of Manchester, honoring the city’s past while creating a dynamic, modern space that speaks to the future. Designed as a “garden in the sky” and inspired by the way of nature and the ever-changing Manchester skyline as seen from the roof, the space embraces elements of luminosity and reflectivity while incorporating tactile materials, changes of color and organic forms. A dramatic canopy, which is a modern interpretation of a grand specimen tree, defines the bar area, creating an environment of both excitement and tranquility. Locally sourced materials and the use of textiles that are part of Manchester’s historic past are designed with crafted details to bring warmth and authenticity to the unique location. A lushly landscaped outdoor terrace merges seamlessly with the interiors, incorporating native plantings, an undulating concrete bar and fire pits for large and intimate gatherings that showcase the spectacular city views.