Peter Cooper Village

Peter Cooper Village


New York, NY

firm role:

Architecture and Interior Design


5,200 SF amenity space, 56 buildings


2009 American School & University Architectural Portfolio

2009 American School & University Educational Interiors

2008 Starnet Design Award


The design of this master plan repositioned one of the largest residential developments in New York City with over 11,000 apartments. Phases of the project included conceiving a new brand for a sophisticated demographic, locating and providing new amenity spaces, and establishing new apartment renovation standards.

Four crystalline glass amenity spaces, each sitting atop a bluestone terrace podium, were created from unused brick-clad utility areas and are strategically located around a landscaped oval piazza to provide a sense of community.  The “Oval” screening room, lounge, library, and children’s play area were united by individual jewel-toned interior schemes punctuated by bright, sculptural furniture, fostering a lively and playful atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling glass showcases indoor activity while connecting the amenity space to the pedestrian streetscape.

A new concierge center, fitness facility, and security kiosks were sited throughout the property and conceived with a similar modernist design. Two finish packages were incorporated in the model apartments to showcase the newly branded residential options. A rental center on First Avenue was designed as advertisements to the public that a reinvigoration of the community was being built.

photo credits:

Photography © Alan Schindler