Nancy J. Ruddy

Nancy J. Ruddy

Founding Principal

Nancy Ruddy co-founded CetraRuddy in 1987, and serves as our firm's Executive Director of Interior Design. She has directed program development and strategic planning for more than 20 million square feet of architectural and interior design work, leading a team of skilled professionals to produce highly original, custom solutions for commercial, residential, cultural, and educational clients. Her passion for excellence is manifest in the architectural partees that she participates in interiors, which are defined by their crafted details, innovative use of materials, and elevated spirit. The powerful environments she creates give each CetraRuddy environment a unique branded identity in the minds of developers, residents, and users.

Nancy’s expertise in program analysis and implementation provides clients the added value of a methodology that incorporates the design consultant directly into the client’s strategic planning team. Her strengths lie in project management, construction costing and in the integration of client goals within the project’s constraints. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural History from New York University and has studied architecture at City College of New York. Her honors include "100 Women Leaders for the 21st Century" by Real Estate Weekly and the Association of Real Estate Women, “Business Owner of the Year” by the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Career Achievement Award of the School of Architecture of the City College of New York in addition to the numerous design and sustainability awards garnered by our firm’s many award winning projects. 

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