New York, NY

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25,185 SF


The Bowery Savings Bank Building is a New York City Landmark designed in 1923 by noted bank architects York & Sawyer. Over time, its exterior and 60-foot-high monumental banking hall had undergone a number of inadequate restorations. Reestablishing the building’s integrity and  original splendor for its new use as one of New York’s premium event venues, the façade—including the intricately carved sandstone pilasters, column capitals, cornice, and architrave marble panels at the front entrance—was painstakingly restored. Extensive research located the original quarry in Ohio for the replacement stone. Two local stone cutters were found to recreate the fine details and allegories from the original structure. The restoration of the exterior to landmark provenance was completed utilizing historical photographs of the building and color matching with the existing marble floor. Previously removed bronze muntins were replaced in the entrance while the central glass revolving doors were preserved. Dramatic exterior lighting was then added to showcase key architectural details and accent surface textures at night.

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Photography © David Sundberg/Esto