New York, NY

firm role:

Interior Design


11,142 SF


Located in the newly opened Hudson Yards development, Queensyard is an all-day dining destination guided by the historic memory of Hudson Yard’s use as a rail yard, which has been interpreted in a modern way. The genesis of the name “yard” alludes to owner D&D London’s British origin, referring to small meeting places in the city, and also refers back to the original use of the site. The design reflects these influences of culture, site and history, blending the warm environment of an English country home with modern and natural materials and bespoke detailing to create a unique and homelike setting that responds to the energy and excitement of a live-work-play destination.

Programmatically, the space includes an all-day café/evening wine bar, a raised main bar and kitchen (casual dining) area, main dining room and private dining room. Design details and a variety of seating distinguish each space while the open plan creates a cohesive dining experience. Allusions to the restaurant’s British origins are woven into the design and include the bar area’s crafted wood ceiling, referential to pub ceilings in the UK, and the main dining area’s hand painted ceiling that alludes to the plaster work seen in great 16th century British Manor homes. A highlight of the design is the incorporation of art throughout the space, making witty reference to British icons, British history and British artists, reinforcing the brand concept while elevating the dining experience in each space. Two large murals, commissioned by American Artist Sarah Moore, flank the dining area, paying homage to the history of British landscape painting with a modern twist. Additional artwork includes painting, photography, print work and sculpture, creating an interesting, visually rich environment that rewards close attention and encourages repeat visits.

photo credits:

Will Stanley