Rose Hill

Rose Hill


New York, NY

firm role:

Architecture & Interior Design


230,285 SF


Rose Hill, located at 30 East 29th Street, in the dynamic NoMad neighborhood, is a new 45-story residential building that pays homage to the Rockefeller legacy, the neighborhood and the city’s rich history of skyscraper architecture, while looking to the future. An expressive glass and metal façade sources inspiration from the Rockefeller Group’s landmark developments, namely Rockefeller Center, where exterior chevron patterns influence architectural elements throughout. Geometric accents, intricate details and expansive windows combine to reference a classically Gotham aesthetic, interpreted in a modern vocabulary. Decorative lighting will illuminate the tower’s base and crown to highlight the buildings unique articulation. On the building interiors, residential living spaces are a study in flexibility. Inspired by an artist’s loft, two and three bedroom apartments are planned to respond to modern living with 8’x10’ flex spaces, designed to evolve with people’s lives. Texture, attention to detail and celebration of craftsmanship, notable qualities in older buildings, are combined with elemental materials and panoramic views. Art is incorporated throughout the building. Highlights include a sculpted bronze art screen and modern wall mural in the lobby, a resident-owned art collection within a curated library space and the pool design, which features an elaborate mosaic end wall.

photo credits:

CetraRuddy Architecture