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New York, NY

firm role:

Architecture and Interior Design


60 Stories

632,940 SF


2009 Builder's Choice Award

2009 AIA Building Type Award

2006 Concrete Industry Board, Roger H. Corbetta Awards Program

2006 US Architecture, Top Projects


This sculptural tower of blue and green glass redefined the skyline of New York’s emerging West Side. The 604-foot-high residential building marked the first use of a unitized curtain wall in high-rise construction. The cruciform configuration of the plan and the orientation of the form on the site heighten the impact of the views to create dramatic living spaces at all locations in the tower. To optimize efficiencies and maximize residential square footage, the mechanical spaces are positioned at the building’s midpoint, reducing vertical shaftways by 50 percent.

The sleek glass exterior is complemented by an 18-foot-high lobby composed of rosewood, sculpted Pompeian stone, and crystalline lighting elements that invoke the illumination of its Broadway neighborhood. A private club consisting of three floors of amenities creates an environment of expansiveness and light in the midst of a dense urban setting.  The club’s15-foot-high glass enclosure containing a fitness center and swimming pools, entertainment lounges, a breakfast café, and multiple terraces with spectacular sunset views creates a vibrant vertical community within the building.  

photo credits:

Photography © Alan Schindler