CetraRuddy is an international award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm founded in 1987 by Principals John Cetra, FAIA and Nancy J. Ruddy driven by a commitment to design excellence and creating memorable place making. We develop intellectually crafted projects with a unique design sensitivity, resourcefulness and commitment to client objectives. The strength of our work is the product of our team of over 100 passionate and talented professionals who share our vision and commitment to an architecture and interior design of integrity.

The collective experience and unparalleled level of personalized service of our principals and the highly talented CetraRuddy team contribute to our sophisticated understanding of the multi-faceted requirements of every space, incorporating technology, construction and branding. We apply this experience and passion to each of the firm’s projects.



Design is a collaborative journey and our work is grounded in understanding the specific interests and concerns of our clients, as well as the unique identity and objective of each project.  We begin by listening and learning from our clients. The belief that design is an organic result of its context, clients, program and purpose drives our collaborative approach. This exploration creates unique projects that are an expression of the shared discovery between our clients and collaborators.

At CetraRuddy we find inspiration and trajectory in intellectually crafting unique and specific design solutions.  Our projects create memorable experience, community and a sense of place in all of the typologies we touch.  We craft skylines, create moments and speak to the poetry of humanity with empathy and generosity.


Our practice creates communities, architecture and interior environments based on analytic research, excellence, and beauty.  The resulting solutions embody integrity and authenticity while adding poetry and inspiration to the urban fabric and human experience.  Our work is always about “home” – whether we design a residence, place of worship, hospitality space, or learning environment. We strive to elevate the building typologies we touch by combining our craft, attention to the specific and adding humanity and scale to compositions of strong geometric forms. These designs are integrated with advanced building technologies and engineering, and are responsive to the challenges of efficient time-sensitive construction. 

Our process has allowed us to create long term strategic relationships with our clients on projects worldwide and across the residential, hospitality, education, cultural and commercial sectors.