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New York, NY

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Architecture & Interior Design


276,000 SF with 59,000 SF Commercial


135 West 52nd Street, located in the heart of Manhattan, is a conversion of an existing building into a commercial and residential tower. Inspired by the energy and excitement of the neighborhood, the high-rise is reflective of the surrounding urban context. The façade is a combination of one inch glass curtain wall with metal panels and projecting metal spandrel covers, and features an innovative light beam designed in collaboration with French lighting artist Thierry Dreyfus, that spans 47 floors and illuminates the center of the façade. The crenellation of the commercial component of the building differentiates the use while creating valuable corner offices. The commercial component of the building includes 60,000 SF on floors 2-6. CetraRuddy’s design approach, informed by occupant well-being and comfort, takes cues from marketable solutions in challenging urban spaces.

photo credits:

Floto and Warner | Neoscape

135 West 52nd Street